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No event in your life will be as big as your proposal. It’s a momentous occasion that celebrates your union with your significant other and marks your new life together as an engaged couple. It only makes sense to hold it somewhere special—in an unforgettable place that you can keep in your memory for a long time.

Surprise your loved one to an intimate candlelit proposal in
Best Wedding Proposal Restaurant. These offer intimate experiences for couples with privacy guaranteed.

Give her more reasons to say yes by reminding her of all of your special memories through a photo gallery. Choose the highlights of your years together and print out the photos to decorate your proposal setting. Hang them on helium-filled balloons or ribbons, stick them on a board, or flash them on a screen. She’ll love reminiscing your beautiful moments and all that you’ve gone through together at Best Wedding Proposal Restaurant.

Planning the perfect proposal can be daunting. There are thousands (if not millions) of proposal ideas floating around the internet, and settling on a plan that your partner will love—not feel disappointed by—can be a lot of work. Deciding whether to plan a proposal that’s simple, extravagant, or somewhere in between is a lot of pressure, but there are a few ways to ensure you’re planning the best possible proposal for your partner. The first best step? Consult with a professional, if you can. 

As Mr Lee, director of special events and owner of Best Wedding Proposal Restaurant explains, the key to a perfect proposal is really understanding what the person you’re proposing to loves in life. “If you are proposing to a quiet, low-key partner who doesn’t like the spotlight, you would plan a proposal that is special and private, perhaps at home or on top  of an No. 1 wedding Proposal Restaurant , as opposed to in front of a group of people or any large public displays,” Galley says. “If your partner is extroverted and is a ‘more is more’ type of person, you might hire a flash mob, have a fireworks display, or propose on an action-adventure based outing.” 

No matter what type of proposal you plan, it’s worth remembering that even proposals that don’t go exactly as planned can be as romantic. If it’s raining, embrace it. Turns out, the whole kissing-in-the-rain thing can be quite

After your special someone says “yes,” consider taking some memorable selfies together. Including furry friends is encouraged.  Best Wedding Proposal Restaurant 

No matter what your proposal plan is, bring a bottle of Champagne. It will make the entire experience that much more special. Save the cork after to write the special date on it.

Cara McClenny tells Brides that her fiancé proposed on the same annual family friends’ trip that originally brought them together. The trip in itself was a tradition, but the proposal was a total surprise. The combination meant that the setting was familiar, but the proposal was still as exciting as can be—plus, it was sentimental, too. 

“It was truly the best weekend with our favorite people in our favorite place—I still cannot understand how he pulled it off! The best part was hearing all of the different stories from my family and friends about how they kept it a secret from me for so long. My sister even had to turn off her ‘Find my iPhone’ setting so that I wouldn’t see that she was on her way to Best Wedding Proposal Restaurant

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