Top Rated Dining Restaurant in Singapore

TAVERNA GREKA Italian Restaurant is rated one of the top Italian restaurants in Singapore that offer contemporary Italian with Japanese-infused cuisine

A wonderful peaceful place for sharing great conversation or romantic dinner with loved ones while enjoying a delightful Italian meal, away from the buzzing city. 

Our Italian restaurant provides a quiet environment to dine and unwind while enjoying excellent contemporary Italian dishes in a fine dining setting.  

When you step into our lush garden sanctuary, you will be greeted with the charm and elegance of an old-world bungalow. 

Gary’s pride ourselves in our ability to create an experience that blends passion and sophistication. 

Our Italian restaurant is not solely just about fine dining; we create a space that exudes elegance in soft warm lighting and elegant décor that will enhance your emotional tapestry. 

Each dish is prepared by our talented chefs who are masters in their craft, using their unwavering dedication and skillful hands to transform every fresh ingredient into a culinary masterpiece. 

Every bite you take is a culinary journey filled with hope and anticipation. 

At TAVERNA GREKA, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of local and international wines which are carefully chosen to complement your meal. 

Whether you prefer red, white, or sparkling wine, let the silky notes, crispness, and effervescence take you to new heights of pleasure. 

Make a reservation today to experience fine dining at TAVERNA GREKA with its contemporary Italian with Japanese-infused cuisine today.  

We want to make your culinary journey embraces your senses, add elegance, and stimulate your palate with every bite and moment filled with passion. 

So, if you’re looking for the best fine dining in Singapore, come to Gary’s and be wowed.

Bon appétit!

Best Italian Dining in Singapore With a View

TAVERNA GREKA Italian restaurant with a view

Set within the heart of Rochester Park in Buona Vista area, away from the noise and buzz of city hustle, Gary’s offers a serene respite from our chaotic and rushed lifestyle, to take a temporarily slowed pace and enjoy fabulicious Italian fine dining while basking in the ambience and scenic beauty of the surrounding lush greenery. 

When you want to host your customers, business partners, or even friends for a great lunch, you need something special and equally mercurial.

That’s why Gary’s Italian restaurant is the perfect choice. With our set lunch menu of fine dining, we give just the right portions as well as flavors so that conversations start flowing.

And because our restaurant in Singapore has its own unique and attractive setting, quiet conversation over lunch becomes our restaurant’s trademark.

And we all know food brings people together like nothing else can. And if you like  a little more, complement your food with some wine glasses clinking. 

That’s why our very own one-of-a-kind fine dining lunch menu transforms into a recipe book with delectable Italian dishes that are bound to guarantee your guests feel exclusive while also comfortable plus entertained.

Whether it’s for work or leisure, Gary’s Italian restaurant will be the perfect setting when you want to entertain your guest/visitor.

See our set lunch menu here.

Fine dining at Gary’s is an experience not to be missed in the heart of Rochester. 

As one of the top fine dining restaurants, the 5-course set dinner menu is carefully crafted so that flavors are released with each sense and the taste buds teased.

Start your evening off with mouthwatering appetizers like Wagyu Beef Carpaccio. Then, move on to main courses such as pasta with Hokkaido Scallops, followed by our very own Ocean Catch, and then Australia Grass-fed Tenderloin, and lastly not to forget, our finest dessert to sweeten your heart. 

The attention to detail in each dish complemented by impeccable service and the elegant ambiance of the fine dining restaurant make it a meal to remember. 

And if you want a little extra, complemented by an extensive wine list, this becomes a truly luxurious Italian cuisine affair.

See our set dinner menu here.

Recommended Fine Dining in Singapore

Highly reviewed and recommended by popular food sites and influencers in Singapore, with consistent 4-star reviews and above by customers, Gary’s is a fine dining restaurant choice not to be missed, whenever you’re thinking of a place for the best Italian food that hits all the right notes in food quality and presentation, service, ambience and much more.