Bagna Cauda

September 14, 2022
Top Italian Restaurant in Singapore - Best Italian Dining
Top Italian Restaurant in Singapore - Best Italian Dining

Bagna càuda is a hot dish made from garlic and anchovies, originating in Piedmont, Italy, during the 16th century. The dish is served and consumed in a manner similar to fondue, sometimes as an appetizer, with raw or cooked vegetables typically used to dip into it.

Bagna càuda is a hot dish and dipping sauce in Italian cuisine that is used to dip vegetables in. It is prepared using olive oil, chopped anchovies and garlic. Additional ingredients sometimes used include truffle and salt. Raw or cooked vegetables are dipped into the sauce, which is typically kept hot on a serving table using a heat source such as a candle or burner.

Why do people like Bagna Cauda

Top Italian Restaurant in Singapore - Best Italian Dining
Top Italian Restaurant in Singapore - Best Italian Dining

Traditional bagna càuda is a pungent mix of garlic, anchovies, and olive oil, cooked together to make a warm sauce. With aromatic and powerful primary ingredients like anchovy and garlic, bagna cauda’s flavor is anything but mild. Food52 says that according to the original recipe, based on serving size, bagna càuda calls for one head of garlic per person, so the sauce is certainly heavy on the potent bulb.

As for the anchovies, they are the star of the dish. Unlike sauces that rely on anchovies to blend into the background of a sauce, such as a tomato sauce, bagna càuda keeps them front and center. The result is a punch of salty, fishy flavor at the forefront of the sauce. Sometimes butter or milk are added to the sauce, but olive oil is essential. The result is a thick, mash-like dip. As far as what to dip in bagna càuda, a medley of vegetables are traditionally served with the dish — chosen to play off of the salty, savory, garlicky nature of the sauce.

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Ingredients that go into Bagna Cauda

  • 3/4 cup olive oil
  • 6 tablespoons (3/4 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 12 anchovy fillets
  • 6 large garlic cloves, chopped
  • Assorted fresh vegetables, cut into bite-size pieces
  • 1 1-pound loaf crusty Italian or French bread, cutinto 2-inch sections

How to cook Bagna Cauda

Step 1 : Blend oil, butter, anchovies and garlic in processor until smooth. Transfer oil mixture to heavy medium saucepan. Cook over low heat 15 minutes, stirring, occasionally. (Sauce will separate.) Season with salt and pepper.

Step 2 : Pour sauce into fondue pot or other flameproof casserole. Set pot over alcohol burner or gas table burner to keep warm. Serve with vegetables and bread.

What can Bagna Cauda be served together with

Top Italian Restaurant in Singapore - Best Italian Dining
Top Italian Restaurant in Singapore - Best Italian Dining

Bagna Cauda is a traditional Italian olive oil dip, served hot, infused with tons of garlic and anchovies. Dip assorted raw or lightly steamed veggies and crusty bread in this “hot bath” of heaven.

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