Savor the Flavors: 10 Best Restaurants in Singapore You Must Try in 2024

March 13, 2024

Singapore’s food is exciting and diverse, with something for everyone. You’ll find everything from street food to fancy restaurants, mixing old flavours with new ones. Our guide takes you to the best places that locals love and travellers must-see, whether you’re after classic dishes or adventurous new tastes.

Why stick to the ordinary when you can discover something amazing? This guide reveals hidden food gems in Singapore, ensuring a memorable trip. It’s not just about dining; we’re exploring the city’s soul. Get ready to try new foods, see cool places, and fall in love with Singapore’s exciting world of flavours!

1. Taverna Greka - A Greek-Italian Feast for the Senses

With the vision of the culinary director Chef Vasilios Petrou, the Taverna Greka is now counted as one of the top-notch Greek-Italian restaurants in Singapore – a romantic and celebratory place for dining. The restaurant has gained a reputation for its innovative fusion of Greek and Italian culinary traditions, bringing a colourful cape of layered flavours to reinvent Mediterranean dining. Adding its unrivalled commitment to indulgent dining, it becomes the ideal venue for everything from private dinners, to holiday parties, and any other events, making every meal an exciting culinary adventure.

taverna greka

Source: Photo on website of Taverna Greka

2. Claudine Restaurant - French Elegance in the Heart of Dempsey

Claudine Restaurant, under the guidance of Chef Julien Royer, sets the benchmark for French brasseries in Singapore. Nestled in Dempsey, Claudine charms with a menu that sings of French classics, brought to life by Executive Chef Julien Mercier. Here, each dish, from flambéed showpieces to terrace-party delights, invites diners into a world of refined French gastronomy.

Claudine Restaurant

Source: Photo on website of Claudine Restaurant

3. Cloudstreet - Where Sri Lankan Heritage Meets Modern Australian Cuisine

At Cloudstreet, Sri Lankan heritage meets modern Australian cuisine. Chef Rishi Naleendra creates visually stunning, palate-pleasing dishes. This Duxton locale offers an intimate, groundbreaking dining experience.


Source: Photo on website of Cloudstreet

4. Hamamoto - The Zen of Sushi-Kappo Dining

Hamamoto is a distinguished sushi-kappo restaurant led by the skilled Chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto. This restaurant stands as a must-visit culinary destination in Singapore for 2024. The restaurant is known for its unique curved hinoki counter—the only one of its kind in Singapore. This counter offers an intimate dining experience that encourages interaction among guests.

Top Italian Restaurant in Singapore - Best Italian Dining

Source: Photo on website of Hamamoto

5. Imamura - The Essence of Japanese Omakase

Imamura is an outstanding Japanese omakase restaurant that occupies the Harbourfront and Sentosa’s trendy areas. At the wheel is Chef-owner Hydrofumi Imamura, who is a believer in the virtue of simplicity, highlighting the true tastes of seasonal ingredients. From the incredibly delightful taste of uni to the subtleness that comes with a delicately aged fish, all the dishes highlight Imamura’s perfectionism and the warmth of his heart as a Japanese cook.


Source: Photo on website of Imamura

6. Jaan by Kirk Westaway - Innovating British Cuisine with a Modern Twist

Jaan by Kirk Westaway, located in City Hall/Bras Basah, is an ode to modern British cuisine through the lens of Chef Westaway’s innovative spirit. Under his leadership, the restaurant has changed in exciting ways. The menu is inspired by Westaway’s British background but has been updated with modern twists. Guests are taken on a food adventure that connects old traditions with new ideas, all while using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Jaan by Kirk Westaway

Source: Photo on website of Jaan

7. Labyrint - Reinventing Singaporean Classics

Labyrinth is a restaurant in Marina Bay and it’s Chef Han Liguang’s special project. He wants to change the way people think about food from Singapore by adding fun changes to dishes like bak chor mee and Hainanese chicken rice. Chef Liguang dreams of making Singaporean food famous all over the world. Every menu update reflects his innovation and pride in Singapore’s food culture.

Top Italian Restaurant in Singapore - Best Italian Dining

Source: Photo on website of Labrynth

8. Les Amis - Quintessential French Dining in Orchard

Les Amis is a fancy French restaurant in Orchard, Singapore. The head chef, Sebastien Lepinoy, makes sure every meal is super special, sticking to French cooking traditions and making sure each dish looks beautiful. Eating at Les Amis is like going on an adventure through fancy French food, with really good ingredients and awesome service.


Source: Photo on website of Les Amis

9. Marguerite - A Modern Culinary Experience in a Verdant Oasis

Marguerite is a fancy restaurant located inside the big, plant-filled Garden Dome at Gardens by the Bay. Chef Michael Wilson makes sure everyone has a fun and modern time eating there. The seven-course tasting menu showcases Wilson’s culinary expertise, featuring dishes that are as visually appealing as the garden’s beautiful plants. Marguerite celebrates the seasons, skilled cooking, and the splendour of the natural world.


Source: Photo on website of Marguerite

10. Odette - Asian Fusion at the National Gallery Singapore

Odette is a special restaurant inside the National Gallery of Singapore. It’s a place where you can taste classic French food with a fun twist of Asian flavours. Chef Julien Royer makes the menu, mixing old French cooking ways with tastes from Asia. Eating at Odette is like going on an adventure with food, where every dish shares a story about tradition, imagination, and the quest to make everything just right.


Source: Photo on website of Odette

What to Know Before You Go: Navigating Singapore's Dining Elegance

In Singapore, dining is an experience blending tradition and innovation. Here are quick tips for your food adventure:

  • Reservations– Book early for popular spots to guarantee your place at the table.
  • Attire– Dress smart-casual for fine dining, matching the elegance of the setting.
  • Etiquette– Practice good manners, like waiting for everyone to be served before eating.
  • Local Customs– Embrace local dining traditions to fully experience Singapore’s diverse food scene.
    Tipping– It’s optional but appreciated as a gesture of thanks for great service.

Craft Lasting Memories with Every Bite: Your Culinary Journey Awaits

Wrapping up our list of Singapore’s top eats with a tasting menu for 2024, remember that each spot we’ve mentioned is about more than just food. It’s an opportunity to make unforgettable memories. These places offer meals that satisfy your hunger and moments that fill your heart with joy and discoveries.

In choosing Taverna Greka for your intimate dinner, you’re selecting a journey woven with the threads of romance and culinary excellence. It’s an opportunity to deepen connections while indulging in some of the finest dishes Singapore has to offer.

Book a table today – together, we can paint memories that will last a lifetime.