10 Best Restaurants with Private Dining Rooms in Singapore

March 6, 2024

In Singapore’s lively dining scene, we seek intimate, personalised dining experiences. This quest leads us to the cherished concept — private dining rooms. These special spaces offer privacy, exclusivity, and a chance to celebrate life’s milestones alone. Whether it’s corporate achievements or an intimately romantic moment, restaurants with private rooms have the perfect setting for it — personal and prestigious. We will explore the top restaurants with private dining rooms in Singapore, including those with Michelin stars, fine dining offerings, and more.

1. Taverna Greka: The Pinnacle of Private Dining Experience in Singapore

Taverna Greka is a beacon of private dining excellence. It offers an unmatched experience with the warm hospitality of the Mediterranean. It has the rich flavors of real Greek and Italian classics. They are served for private dining in an iconic black-and-white bungalow. Taverna Greka creates an unforgettable ambiance for both small events and big ones. The restaurant prides itself on its bespoke event planning — from custom seating to personalised chef’s menus, and fine wine pairings. Their experienced staff orchestrate it all. They are dedicated to making every event a success.

2. CÉ LA VI Singapore: Elevated Dining Scene with a View

Perched atop Marina Bay Sands, CÉ LA VI offers luxurious private dining. It’s an experience that’s hard to match. The restaurant has panoramic views of Singapore. It serves contemporary Asian cuisine. The food is as breathtaking as the scenery. CÉ LA VI is committed to bespoke service. It can host events of many sizes — making it perfect for everything from romantic dinners to grand celebrations. The private dining room is intimate. Guests can enjoy custom menus — an experience that will leave a lasting impression.

3. JAAN by Kirk Westaway: British Elegance with a View

JAAN by Kirk Westaway redefines British dining. It has a refined and seasonal approach — Michelin stars on its menu too. It has elegant decor and personalised service, making its private dining room ideal for special occasions and corporate events. Executive Chef Kirk Westaway’s passion is clear in every detail. He selects gourmet suppliers and designs custom tableware. This ensures a unique and modern British dining experience for every event and guest.

4. Odette: Artful French Cuisine in a Private Setting

Odette is in the National Gallery of Singapore. It offers private dining that celebrates French cuisine with a unique sense of place. Chef Julien Royer is committed to quality. It shows in dishes with the best global ingredients. The private room at Odette is exclusive. It provides a truly intimate dining experience. Artful presentation and careful attention to detail come together there. They create unforgettable moments.

5. Les Amis: Luxurious French Dining with Customisable Options

Les Amis has gained a reputation for serving great French food. They also provide excellent service. It offers luxurious private dining rooms designed for sophistication and privacy. The restaurant has customisable menu options, wine pairings, and offers some of the best private dining rooms. They ensure a personalised dining experience for its discerning guests. Les Amis promises a memorable experience. It offers warm hospitality and gourmet excellence. This is true whether it’s a corporate function or a private event.

6. Burnt Ends: A Modern Australian Barbecue Experience

Burnt Ends offers a modern Australian barbecue experience. It’s unlike any other in Singapore’s Dempsey Hill, offering an unmatched fine dining experience and features one of the best private dining rooms. The chef’s table offers a private dining option. Guests can watch the magic of cooking with wood up close. Burnt Ends writes a daily menu and is committed to the finest ingredients. It provides a curated and interactive dining experience. It’s perfect for those seeking an avant-garde approach to barbecue.

7. Iggy's: Innovative Gastronomy with a Personal Touch

At Iggy’s, guests can expect creative food including dishes prepared with Wagyu, keeping in line with fine dining standards. It blends global influences with a personal touch. Iggy’s private dining offerings stand out. The setting is cosy. The service is personal. The menu shows the creativity of Ignatius Chan, the owner and sommelier. The wine selection is extensive. It focuses on Burgundy wines and caters to fine dining enthusiasts. It complements the modern-contemporary cuisine. The cuisine offers a one-Michelin-starred dining experience. It’s intimate and innovative.

8. Ristorante Luka: Cosy Italian Delights for Every Occasion

Ristorante Luka offers a slice of Italy in a cosy and versatile private dining space. It is located in a refurbished shophouse. The space on Level 2 is perfect for celebrating life’s important moments. It can host cosy or corporate gatherings. Ristorante Luka has authentic Italian dishes and tailored service. It ensures every event is memorable. The restaurant’s warm and inviting atmosphere make it ideal for any occasion.

9. Tippling Club: Avant-Garde Cuisine Meets Sensory Dining

Tippling Club presents an avant-garde dining experience. It has innovative dishes and curated cocktails. They come together to create a sensory journey. The dining room is modern and intimate. It is suited for exclusive gatherings. It offers a unique setting where creativity and culinary artistry are key. Guests can look forward to a dining experience that challenges conventions. Tippling Club is a standout choice for those seeking something truly different.

10. Waku Ghin: Japanese-European Fusion with an Exclusive Touch

Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda offers a mix of Japanese and European food, set in an exclusive space. The restaurant has private dining rooms that offer privacy and great waterfront views. Guests can enjoy a degustation with seasonal specials and premium ingredients. The chef’s table and sushi omakase offer a personal touch too. It’s a destination for those seeking an intimate and unforgettable dining experience.

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Finding the perfect private dining restaurant in Singapore can be hard. Yet, Taverna Greka emerges as a clear frontrunner. It offers a harmonious blend of great Greek food and Italian dishes too. Our dining space has an ambiance that whispers of the Mediterranean — we’re more than just about hosting meals — we craft experiences to leave a mark on your heart and palate.

Whether you’re celebrating a personal milestone, planning a corporate event, or just need a romantic getaway within the city, Taverna Greka is ready to transform your occasion into a memorable celebration with its private dining area and delicious food.

If you’re looking for the best private dining place in Singapore, make a reservation with Taverna Greka. Then, experience it for yourself.